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Welcome to the JSA: The World WikiaEdit

Welcome to JSA: The World Wikia! Home to all your JSA: The World information! We here at JSA: The World Wikia welcome all contributions to this site regardless how great or small, in hopes that it'll become something to be proud of in the near future. All contributors are more than welcome to share their thoughts and opinions on our site as we each strive to make this wikia become something special.

What is JSA: The World about?Edit

JSA: The World is a 2015 American novel series written by Justin McDonald and published by Light Switch Press , that chronicles the adventures of the Joined Services Agency. An agency within the government that uses their special abilities to solve cases dealing the paranormal and unusual phenomenon. Even though their jobs alone seem hard enough, it doesn't quite help that they also have to deal with the infamous, hitman society known as the Mubarak -an empire that has made it their priority to search for ancient artifacts to help them take over the world. You can find out more about JSA and all of their other adventures right here in our Chapter Summaries!

You may also read JSA: The World's prototype and sister series, Trinity Fate!

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